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Reshaping Excellence

After one year of working on Sennheiser’s interactive Reshaping Excellence campaign, we’re proud to present the launch of the final stage.

Our spot is a super-sensory odyssey that presents the formation of the monument in all its monolithic glory, and finally reveals it as the foundation of Orpheus; a personal sound experience unlike any other. Phase two of the project witnesses the completion of the monument to sound—a vast interactive sound-sculpture created by over one million people worldwide. See it live here ...

Responsible for Look Development,  RnD, Modeling, Shading


Production: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Director: Mate Steinforth
Producer: Christopher Lenz, Konrad Weser
Artists: Christina Agapitou, Julius Brockelmann, Roman Hinkel, Ian Hutchinson, Saskia Kretzschmann, Oliver Latta, Florian Raphael Panzer, Christoph Strohfeld, Alexander Walker, David Weidemann, Sebastian Wirbelauer, Christian Zschunke

Client: Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Director Global Marketing / Brand Marketing: Uwe Greunke
Director Global Marketing Communications: Uwe Cremering
Key Communication Global Manager: Anne Hildebrandt

Agentur: Philipp und Keuntje
Creative Director: Mike John Otto
Agency Producer: Laura Popiol, Stefanie Voss
Project Manager: Karolina Kurzaj

Interactive / WebGL: Artificial Rome GmbH

Original Music for Website and Campaign: Imogen Heap

Sound Design for Website, Campaign and Directors Cut: Hofkapellmeister Sebastian Müller, Marcel Cloidt