Sea Mirror

the Mill

Consisting of three films, each focussing on a different studio, we ‘deep dive’ into the world of the Sea Mirror architects, shining a light on the processes and inspirations behind each of the incredible buildings.

Responsible for Look Dev, Lighting, Rendering


Full credits:
Direct & edited by me
DOP @filippochiesa
Super 8mm by me
Lead Creative @bradleyssf
Creative Director @tom.dibb
Production Co @millchannel
Executive Producer @nicoleduncan88
Live action Producer @tbirms
Post Producers Claire Braithwaite (@xlclaireylx) & @teddiehanifan
3D / Motion @christoph_strohfeld, Sam Singleton (@ssngltn)
Sound design / original composition @echoic_audio
Colour @jamesbamford_colour
Project lead @sophieewings
Project Coordinator @georgestovell1
Strategy Director Anna Fogg
Super8 Processed and developed by @on8mil