Pro 7. Sat1


How do you introduce a Mega Blockbuster? Thinking big is just the beginning. Today’s Hollywood tentpoles are more than just big-budget bohemoths; they’re visually-rich spectacles that transport audiences to different worlds. Using the lush tundra of fantasy films like Avatar and the hulking megastructures of Star Wars as jumping-off points, Creative Director Stefan Sperner and the Sehsucht Berlin team created an opener for Pro7’s primetime movie label that’s pure, distilled movie-magic, worthy of even the biggest blockbuster.

Responsible for Logo Design, RnD, Modeling, Shading


Client: ProSiebenSat.1 TV Deutschland GmbH / Creative Solutions
Art Director: Markus Goles
Account Executive ProSieben / ProSieben MAXX: Anne-Jacqueline Wenisch
Category Manager Procurement Unit Production: Norman Ender
Project Managment: Mareike Sauter

Production: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Director: Stefan Sperner
Producer: Christopher Lenz, Konrad Weser
Artists: Christina Agapitou, Hannes Denker, Sven Sauer, Roman Hinkel, Florian Raphael Panzer, Juan García Segura, Christoph Strohfeld, Alexander Walker, David Weidemann, Sebastian Wirbelauer, Christian Zschunke

Sound Design: Michael Fakesch