League of Legends

EU LCS Summer Finals

Awakening a dragon for the EU LCS Summer Finals

The EU Summer Finals are the culmination of the hard-fought summer season of the European League of Legends Championship Series. We were approached by Riot Games in order to create visuals that build up the excitement for the upcoming matches whilst showing a connection to the city of Krakov, the location of the finals.

The legend of the dragon Smok Wiwalski is deeply rooted in the history of Krakov. Thus we created a storyline around the dragon, being woken up in its cave by the battle activities of the rivalling e-sports teams.

Responsible for Look Development, RnD, 
Modeling, Shading, Rendering


Client: Riot Games Europe

Production Company: SEHSUCHT Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Creative Director: Mate Steinforth
Producers: Christopher Lenz, Konrad Weser
Artists: Christian Zschunke, Sebastian Wirbelauer, Christoph Strohfeld, Juan Garcia Segura, Florian Panzer, Ditte Marie Ludvigsen, Oliver Latta, Saskia Kretzschmann, Ian Hutchinson, Hannes Denker, Benjamin Broschinski, 

Music Production & Sound Design: Sebastian Müller @ Hofkapellmeister