Hublot x Samuel Ross

Brand Film

Hublot | Samuel Ross

Hublot | Samuel Ross

Ross’s signature use of colour and love of stark geometry and urban design come together in his first wristwatch collaboration. The timepiece’s stylized hexagonal shape, titanium honeycomb mesh, and vibrant orange hue make for a sportier direction to Hublot’s flagship model.

We wanted to strike the perfect balance between the new watch’s minimalist design and precise intensity — marrying Hublot’s classic look with the sensibilities of Ross’s unique graphic language. Modern, friendly, and minimalist tones were brought together to create a fresh aesthetic in this design-driven film and ode to industrial elegance.

Responsible Look Development, Design, Light & Render


Client: Hublot

Art Director: Alex Bertrand

Head of Hublot Studio: Yann Lauener



Production Company: Tendril

Creative Director: Chris Bahry

Director Pablo Alfieri

Executive Producer: Ivelle Jargalyn

Producer: Niko Hook

Coordinator: Cody McFarland

Design + RND + Lookdev: Shannon Hoyne, Christoph Strohfeld, Joan Garcia Pons, Rafael Eifler, Rich Nosworthy, Dean Giffin

Houdini Simulations: Rich Nosworthy

3D Model + Rigging: Flavio Diniz, Marek Denko

Animation: Samuel Bohn, Macs Riedel, Joseph Recoskie, Rafael Eifler



Light + Render: Nemanja Ivanovic, Jeff Briant, Samuel Bohn, Rafael Eifler

Compositing: Astrid Cardenas

Sound Design + Music : Cypher