VR Experience

Designed and developed inhouse using Unreal Engine.

A collaborative 2 Player Multiplayer VR-Experience. When a space station is about to run out of power, the life of the everyone on board is at risk. Both players have to solve three puzzles in 120 sec by communicating and thinking logically while the atmosphere on the space station gets more and more tense. Player One (P1) is immersed in VR while player two (P2) sees an abstraction of the machine on a second monitor and has to help P1 to solve the problems.

The game was highly successful in converting players in applicants for the Zürcher Craft Association of Electricians. It received gold at the German Digital Award 2018.

Responsible for Look Development, RnD, Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Asset Creation

Client: Verband Schweizerischer Elektro-Installationsfirmen (VSEI)

Agency: Baker Street, Winterthur

Production Studio: Sehsucht, Berlin
Producing: Timo Seegräber
Creative Direction: Saskia Kretzschmann, Christian Zschunke
Artists: Ignas Blažys, Philipp Brates, Johannes Fug, Saskia Kretzschmann, Christoph Strohfeld, Nick Zieske, Christian Zschunke
Programming: Christian Schulze, Christian Zschunke