Allianz Opener

Accompanied by playful music, a captivating scene unfolds—literally and figuratively—from a paper cube.

Food stalls, a grandstand, tents, and more elegantly construct themselves like origami to create a fairytale outdoor cinema, and set the stage for truly magical summer movie moments.

Responsible for Look Development, RnD, Art Direction, Modeling, Shading, Lighting, Rendering


Client: Allianz Cinema
Head Marketing & Communications: Claudia Staub
Marketingservices & Sponsoring: Marcel Wolfgramm

Agency: Freundliche Grüsse
Kreation: Pascal Deville, Res Matthys, Samuel Textor, Jan Volpp, Sean Dünki, Max Benrath
Beratung: Christian Haueter

Production: Sehsucht GmbH, Berlin
Direction: Mate Steinforth
Producers: Konrad Weser, Christopher Lenz
Artists: Sebastian Wirbelauer, Christoph Strohfeld, Juan Garcia Segura, Saskia Kretzschmann, Benjamin Broschinski

Music & Sound Design: Hofkapellmeister Berlin
Composers: Sebastian Müller, Richard Blaha
Producing: Manuela Naumann